How to find the right outsourcing partner for your logistics business

When you’re a business owner, you’re constantly focused on cutting costs and improving efficiency. You might find yourself wondering: “Can I cut my costs by outsourcing?”

The reality is that outsourcing can be a cost-cutting tool, but it also has the potential to improve your company’s bottom line by providing strategic advantages. In fact, more businesses are turning to outsourcing for its strategic benefits than ever before.

In its recent Global Outsourcing Survey, consulting firm Deloitte found that 59 percent of firms viewed outsourcing as a cost-cutting tool. However, almost as many respondents—57 percent— said they embraced outsourcing because it enables them to focus on their core business, and 47 percent turned to outsourcing to solve capacity issues.

If you’re considering outsourcing your logistics business processes, here are some tips for finding the right partner:

1) Focus on one-stop solution provider

Don’t just look at the services they offer and their prices. Look at how they can help you with everything from supply chain management to customer service. What value will they bring to your company?

2) Think about long-term partnership

When selecting a partner, don’t just look at their short-term track record; think about where your company is going in the future. What does your business need from its logistics provider?

3) Customer Service

Having effective communication when you need it is crucial when dealing with a logistics company. If they don’t respond in a timely manner to your phone calls, or emails, and they have a hard time offering solutions and services according to your needs, you most likely will need to find another logistics company.